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Rebuilding after Typhoon Haiyan: Opportunity International Helps Clients, Staff in the Philippines

By Lauren Williamson

As Typhoon Haiyan neared the Philippines last week, Opportunity International staff member Jeramae, her husband and her mother fled the coastal village Roxas City in Capiz with just one set of clothes each.

Many Opportunity International clients and staff live in the Capiz are of the Philippines, which was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.They returned after the typhoon to find their neighborhood flattened and their home destroyed. Not a single possession could be salvaged.

It has been a tragic week for the Opportunity International family. Typhoon Haiyan left roughly 1,000 staff members’ homes in ruins, and even more devastating, as of Friday, 17 employees are still missing. We are just starting to learn how our more than 740,000 Filipino clients have been affected, but it will take weeks, perhaps months, until we know the extent of the destruction.

Jeramae, like so many of our staff, is doing whatever she must to survive. Her husband set up a makeshift tent in a tree next to the remnants of their home where they will live with her mother until rebuilding begins. They still don’t know what’s become of many of their family members because power outages and blocked roads make communication nearly impossible.

Opportunity International’s story is and always has been one of survival. Helping people rebuild their lives is what we do, and we will be there in the weeks, months and years ahead, partnering with our clients and staff in the Philippines as they reconstruct their homes and businesses.

Your donation to the Opportunity Philippines Rebuilding Fund will give survivors like Jeramae the resources they need to begin their recovery.

Emergency loans and assistance will help our clients and staff build homes, resurrect businesses and eventually revitalize the local economies.

Answer the need today.

Donate to the Opportunity Philippines Rebuilding Fund.

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