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Family is at the heart of Opportunity International’s work

By Opportunity International

It’s instinct to begin nesting when you’re pregnant: painting the nursery, stocking up on miniature blankets and buying new furniture. But imagine if your dream involved not rocking horses and diaper bags but simply trying to get a roof on your home.

Opportunity International empowers women like Aleyda to work their way out of poverty.Aleyda Luque was pregnant with her first daughter, Brittany, and had been living in a walled shelter with no roof for four years when she received her first Opportunity International loan. Along with 17 other families in her Nicaraguan village who benefited from the funding, Aleyda was able to afford a roof to protect infant daughter. “It has been especially wonderful during the rainy seasons,” Aleyda said. “Children no longer get as sick since we have a warm, dry home protected from the elements.”

Family is at the heart of Opportunity International’s work. When we invest in families, wonderful things happen; lives are transformed. Opportunity International’s programs gave Aleyda the opportunity to provide a warm and safe home for her family and infant daughter.

By providing financial solutions and training, we empower people- mothers, fathers and children- living in poverty to change their lives for the better, strengthen their families, and transform their communities. Learn more about how we invest in families.

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