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Changing the Face of Education

By Opportunity International

Opportunity International’s loyal supporters have partnered with us over the past 40 years to help more than five million people in more than 20 countries break free from poverty. And we know from our experience that one of the best ways to fight poverty is through education.

With the help of our loyal partners and supporters, Opportunity International is changing the face of education in the developing world by confronting the major obstacles standing between a child and a classroom. Here’s how:

School is expensive. While free public schools are sometimes available, the reality for most families is quite different. We help parents afford the cost of school and its related expenses such as uniforms and supplies.

There are not enough schools. Our school improvement loans and customized training increase the number and size of schools in underserved communities.

The schools that do exist are low-quality. In addition to building and expanding schools to serve more children, our loans help schools hire more qualified teachers, buy scholastic resources and introduce curriculum that will better equip students for the future.

A child’s education is immediately at risk if they lose a parent. Dropping out of school due to the death of a parent allows the cycle of poverty to repeat for yet another generation. Opportunity International provides insurance that will keep children in school for a year or more after the death of their parents.

You are helping to make all this possible. The Investing in One Child Program is helping children overcome major challenges that are keeping millions from classroom learning. Join us in helping people like Evans Ssenabulya and his students at the Ridgeway School in Uganda, which in six years has grown from 100 students to more than 900.

Learn more about the Invest in One Child Program.

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