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We’re Thankful for Fathers Around the World

By Stephanie Jimenez

At Opportunity International, we are honored to support fathers around the world who are building better lives for themselves, their families, and their communities. This Father’s Day, we are excited to share the story of one of the many exceptional, successful fathers striving to create a difference for his family.

Patrick Pande, Uganda

Meet Patrick Pande, a remarkable husband and father of 7, living in Uganda. With a strong background in agriculture and a desire to educate his 7 children, Patrick acquired his first loan of $576 from Opportunity Uganda in September 2012. By investing this loan in his small farm, Patrick was able to expand his sugarcane plantation from 22 acres to 45 acres, improve the quality of his crops with higher-grade manure, and realize a larger financial return on his crops. He now serves as President of the Kaliro Sugarcane Growers Association—a cooperative agriculture group comprised of over 1,000 sugarcane farmers.

Although Patrick was very pleased with his increased production of sugarcane, he knew he could achieve more. His hard-working, entrepreneurial mindset inspired him to get involved in the construction of a local sugarcane factory that would increase the value of the Growers Association. Today, the farmers can sell to the factory, growing their revenue even more. Because of Patrick’s creative leadership and the tools and training provided by Opportunity International, Patrick has transformed his own life and the lives of his neighbors. Through his involvement with the Association and factory, Patrick is able to improve the lives of those in his community by creating jobs and support his own family. Today, Patrick is confident he will be able to provide his children with the education they deserve.

This Father’s Day, consider giving an Opportunity International gift card to the father figure in your life. Gift cards give you the opportunity to help clients such as Patrick transform their lives by becoming entrepreneurs, sending their children to school, and ensuring brighter futures for themselves and their families. Help them achieve the life they deserve by giving a gift that impacts others. Want more information? Please visit https://www.opportunity.org/give/giftcard.

We thank all the fathers in the world from the bottom of our hearts. We recognize and are thankful for all that you do. We hope you all have a safe, happy Father’s Day!

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