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Ranked One of Philanthropedia’s Top Microfinance Organizations for 2012

By Opportunity International

This week, we were honored to learn that a group of 72 experts identified Opportunity International as one of 11 high-impact nonprofits working in the field of international microfinance. As a result, Philanthropedia has chosen to highlight us as one of their ranked microfinance organizations on their website and on GuideStar’s Take Action site. There, Philanthropedia’s analysis states: “Microfinance experts believe that Opportunity International is innovative in developing new products and have a solid institution with a holistic approach to development.” 

Opportunity International was ranked one of Philanthropedia's "2012 Top Non-Profits" Philanthropedia is a nonprofit, online resource whose mission is to improve nonprofit effectiveness by directing money to and facilitating discussion about expert recommended high-impact nonprofits. Philanthropedia aims to help donors give more strategically by surveying large groups of experts (foundation professionals, nonprofit senior staff, academics, researchers, etc.) with an average of 10-20 years of experience, asking them to identify some of the highest-impact nonprofits working in their sector. Jasmine Marrow, Manager of Philanthropedia Research, says, “We believe it’s hard to evaluate nonprofit effectiveness and one-sided metrics like overhead ratios and fundraising efficiencies are misleading and incomplete. Rather, we believe experts working in the field, such as foundation professionals, researchers, and nonprofit senior staff, are best suited to evaluate nonprofits in a more holistic way.” As of April 2012, Philanthropedia was acquired by GuideStar.

Expert reviews on Opportunity’s impact:

  • “They offer strong support to microfinance institutions partners to develop systems and improve social performance.”
  • “Opportunity has a long track record in the industry and has been a benefit to many clients over its decades of existence.”
  • “Opportunity International has grown into the third largest microfinance network in the world. Not only have they become recognized worldwide, the group is also intentional about serving the triple bottom line: transformational impact, large-scale outreach, and financial sustainability. Opportunity to bring about one of seven dimensions of foundational needs: 1) Dignity, 2) Authority, 3) Security, 4) Adequate Provision, 5) Purpose, Hope, and Meaning, 6) Freedom and Adequate Boundaries, and 7) Authentic Relationships and Love.”

To read more of the experts’s reviews of Opportunity International, click on the ‘Expert Reviews’ section in our organization profile.

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