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What We’re Watching: Top 3 Conference Videos on Technology

By Opportunity International

Check out our top 3 videos on technology from our fall conference in San Francisco–click on the speakers’ names to watch.

1. Steven Levy
Senior writer at Wired; Author of In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives
Steven Levy: “The most prominent leaders in the technology world today believe that the first step in doing the impossible is freeing yourself from the constraint that something can’t be done. What if we thought of ending poverty in that way? When I wrote In the Plex, I really saw how technology has the power to change the world. [...] The thing I learned from Google is take on big, hairy, audacious goals.”

2. Kevin Compton
Co-founder of Radar Partners; Co-chair of the Banking on Africa Campaign Executive Task Force
Kevin Compton: “Astounding technological innovations that have impacted the world were the calculator[...], the personal computer[...] and Facebook[...]. But the innovation that changed me forever is the Trust Group. The Trust Group has more accounting than a calculator, more productivity than a personal computer, more communication than a fiber optics link, more relevant information than the Web, and more socialization than social media. [...To reach our goal to end poverty in Africa] it will be more than technical innovation, it will be the Trust Group.”

3. Aleksandr-Alain Kalanda
CEO of Opportunity International Malawi; Conceptualized and rolled out Opportunity Malawi’s innovative mobile branch services
Aleksandr-Alain Kalanda: “Our research revealed a lot of reasons why [people in poverty] were not using banks, such as expensive identity documentation, cumbersome processes, high fees, products which did not make sense, branches which are very far from where people live and work, and so on. Our [technological] solutions to these problems have made [Opportunity Malawi] an innovative and ‘pro-poor’ bank. [...] In the next two years, we hope to be serving one million clients.”

Friday, Oct. 14 - Steven Levy at Opportunity International Conference:

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