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Tanzania Reporter Meets Emilia P. Mtei of the Chapakazi Trust Group

By Kelly Flanagan

Client Emilia P. Mtei & reporter Kelly Flanagan.Emilia (right) and the Chapakazi Trust Group.She is part of the Trust Group called Chapakazi (translation: Hard-Working) based in Moshi, Tanzania. Her passion is working at her small grocery store where she sells fish, avocados and various other vegetables. Emilia looks over at her loan officer Levina and laughs aloud as we YAO members ask her questions about her loan success and business goals.

The women in this group are going into their second loan cycle, glowing with pride over their accomplishments. Levina translates for the women who say, “Women are good at finances and family.” I smile while snapping another shot of the gorgeous women sitting in front of me. Their happiness is contagious.

This post was written by Kelly Flanagan, a Multimedia Artist & Video Editor living in Phoenix, Arizona, who won last spring’s Tanzania Correspondent Contest as part of our Banking on Women campaign. This week, she’s traveling in Tanzania on the YAO Insight Trip and reporting back on the inspirational women clients and staff she meets.

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