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Opportunity Mozambique Is on a Roll with Three New Mobile Banking Vehicles

By Diane Ferguson

Last week, Doug Pond, head of operations for Opportunity Mozambique, announced the Mozambique Central Bank’s approval of our three newest mobile banking vehicles.

Opportunity plans to deploy all three mobile banking vehicles in the coming weeks to significantly increase its outreach to families living in Mozambique’s rural villages. With the rollout of its agriculture finance program, Opportunity Mozambique plans to increase its number of satellite branches and ATM service centers to serve smallholder farmers in 2011. The bank currently serves 8,831 families with loans and more than 35,000 families with savings accounts, helping them plan for their futures.

This is exciting news for Mozambicans eager for economic opportunities and a financial safety net for the future. There are so many families who’ve lacked access to the financial tools needed to break free from poverty–until now.

If you’d like to help support bank-building efforts and expansion of microfinance in Mozambique and throughout sub-Saharan Africa, learn more about our Banking on Africa campaign

Congratulations to the staff and clients of Banco Oportunidade de Moçambique!

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