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Top 10 Blog Posts on Education

By Opportunity International

It’s that time of year again… it’s almost time to go back to school! And for people living in poverty, having access to education is a crucial factor that can help them improve the futures of their children, their communities and themselves. That’s whyhttp://www.opportunity.org/Opportunity[/intlink] offers school fee loans, as well as educationmicrofinance for the establishment of local schools as part of our Banking on Educationprogram.

Before you head back to school, be inspired to learn–and enable others to learn–by reading our top 10 blog posts about education:

  1. Meeting Ugandan Students: Reflections of an American Teenager.” (7/22/10)
  2. Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Education as a Solution.” (6/25/10)
  3. One Hen Takes Microfinance to School.” (5/5/10)
  4. #Mifimon: Microfinance and Higher Education.” (2/26/10)
  5. Shalom…The Way That Things Ought to Be.” (11/28/09)
  6. Indiana University Students Engage with Opportunity, Microfinance.” (11/17/09)
  7. Live From International Reading Association: One Hen Sparks Conversation Among Educators.” (11/6/09)
  8. ‘The Girl Effect’: What an Effect!” (10/14/09)
  9. Initiating Change in Education: Opportunity’s CGI Commitment at 2:45 p.m. EST.” (9/23/09)
  10. For Some, ‘Back to School’ is Easier Said Than Done.” (9/17/09)

We managed to narrow our choices down to 10, but education is so important, there are many more posts about this topic on our blog. Click here to read all our blog posts about education.

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