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Inspiring the next generation of global citizens

By Sonja Egeland Kelly

Microfinance is a compelling, sustainable, working solution to global poverty. When a woman receives financial services, she sets into motion monumental changes. Family income rises. Children are well fed. Neighbors become employees. Homes are improved. Tuition is within reach. Women, who comprise 85% of our clients, gain status. For Opportunity clients around the world, these transformations take place with loans as little as $80 and savings deposit balance requirements as little as $.05.

However, all of the hard work that Opportunity and other microfinance organizations do to end global poverty would mean little if we did not acknowledge the necessity of educating and inspiring the next generation of global citizens. While looking for ways to improve the lives of impoverished entrepreneurs, Opportunity is also looking for ways to teach children about microfinance. 

Partnering with One Hen, then, just makes sense. The acclaimed children’s book One Hen by Katie Smith Milway and its interactive website has prompted a nationwide campaign to teach children about the reality of poverty and the solution that microfinance offers. Bringing the book into classrooms, passionate volunteers from Opportunity International and other One Henenthusiasts share the story of Kojo.

Kojo is a child living in poverty in Ghana. He has a dream of growing up to be a chicken farmer. When he is old enough, he receives a loan to buy a chicken. Eventually, he grows to own the largest chicken farm in the country. Based on a true story, One Hen inspires young people to care about the developing world and explores an innovative solution to poverty.

With One Hen, Opportunity is not only building a sustainable solution to poverty, but is also inspiring and involving a younger generation to care about people in the developing world. Inspiring a next generation of global citizens is vital to the health of our community.

To learn more about Kojo’s story, click here.

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