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YAO Insight Trip Participants Reflect on the Microfinance Clients of Tanzania

By Opportunity International

In September 2009, 21 people traveled on a nine-day YAO Insight Trip to Tanzania. The diverse group included students, business-owners, financiers, and other globally-minded young people interested in seeing microfinance at work in Tanzania.

Now, in honor of Opportunity International‘s launch of Tanzanian clients on OptINnow, in the first of a series of blog posts, YAO members reflect back on the people they met and the experiences they had while on their Insight Trip. Read their reflections below, and be sure to check out the stories of Tanzanian entrepreneurs now available on OptINnow.org.

Question: Why are you excited about featuring YAO Tanzania clients on OptINnow?

“When I met the clients in September they were just receiving their first loans. But already it was obvious that they understood how these loans were going to change not only their lives but their families. It is exciting that YAO Tanzania clients are going to be featured because the clients have the passion and the drive to become successful business people, they just need a little help. That’s where OptINow comes in! When people log into OptINow they will recognize that by helping these clients they are truly making an impact in their lives.” -Suzie Hofert

“This will put a ‘face’ to YAO Tanzania and a personal touch to our giving. When we promote YAO there is a limit to where words can go, but a picture and a story can touch a heart and leave a permanent impression.” -Christopher Manno

“I am excited that Tanzania is being promoted on OptINnow so that more clients can be supported through donors. It is exciting to see how quickly Opportunity is growing in Tanzania, and I think that its presence on the web will help it grow further. We met so many inspiring clients when we visited Tanzania last September as a YAO group, and I’m happy that they now have a venue to tell their stories to others.” -Anne Edwardson

“It is great to see the new ideas, perspectives, and learn how our clients plan to use loans, and profits from the loans, to help them, their families, and their communities.” -Jason Duff

“Well, Tanzania should be an initiative of not only Opportunity International, but many other organizations. It’s one of the poorest countries in the world and the clients there need our help to build the country.” -Tom Palecek

Go to OptINnow.org today to fund the loan of a Tanzanian client like Salinga Ngalyanga, a tailor in Dar Es Salaam.

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