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Celebrating the Board of Governors

By Sonja Egeland

With a common passion to help people in the developing world work their way out of poverty, the Opportunity International Board of Governors is a vital ingredient in the fight against global poverty. Numbering over 600 families nationwide, the governors believe that by joining together and supporting the work of Opportunity, they can leverage their resources to make a huge impact.

This year, Opportunity’s governors have been busy. Hosting international visitors, holding fundraising events, educating their networks, inspiring their neighbors, and involving their hearts in the important work of microfinance. They have gone on Insight Trips, learned the language of financial services and developed the all-important “elevator speech” to share the good news about microfinance.

Almost 200 people came to this year’s conference.

Board of Governors Chair Mary Lynn Staley served as the emcee during one session, and offered the following encouraging remarks:

“Regardless of the details of our individual stories, I suspect that all of us in this room share something very powerful: the desire to expand our ordinary perspectives and see the bigger picture. At the moment we reach out to the global community, we discover that we are part of that bigger picture. And suddenly, the world seems smaller.

“We have the opportunity to profoundly touch the lives of people around the world, and in doing so feel our own lives enriched. When we reach out globally, the illusion of national boundaries dissolves, and we increase our fellowship as God’s family.”

Indeed, the Opportunity governors are a group of people who are reaching out globally. Their world has become smaller, and their love for the poor has become bigger.

Congratulations to the Opportunity International Board of Governors for your dedicated efforts.

If you have been inspired by this conference, or encouraged by the Opportunity International Board of Governors, or energized by the Young Ambassadors of Opportunity, or motivated by the Women’s Opportunity Network, then why don’t you get involved? We would love to have you join the Opportunity International Family.

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