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Introducing #Mifimon 2010!

By Amy Carol Wolff

Interested in learning about microfinance? Follow our biweekly discussion group #mifimon (because Microfinance Mondays was too long for Twitter’s 140-character limit). Our aim is to host an exchange of ideas about issues relevant to the microfinance industry. You’re welcome to lend your voice, whether you’re a practitioner in the field or a newbie just learning the basics. Just end your messages with the hashtag #mifimon!

Happy new year to you all! I hope the holidays and the beginning of this year has been encouraging! We’re excited to start off the year with a fresh energy behind this microfinance chat that has fostered some extremely interesting perspectives. Here’s what we’ve got coming:

First, we took your advice. 140 characters is not enough for an in-depth discussion about microfinance. So we’re moving our 2-hour chat that, occurs every other week, to an online chatroom. This will allow us to not only have the freedom to explain our responses, but for those that miss the chat- you’ll be able to read the full text, have access to the links and use the information to further educate your colleagues, friends and community. As you know and we know microfinance is a powerful economic development tool, that typically takes more the 140 characters to make a well informed point.

Here’s the best part- since this is about collaborative learning, we would love for you to be involved in recommending the panelists, topics, and keeping us up to date on the latest microfinance news! You’ll be able to do this in the chatroom and we’ll be monitoring it and updating on a regular basis.

And don’t worry, we will still be engaging on twitter and facebook, sharing the highlights from our #mifimon discussions.

Our first official #Mifimon of 2010 will be on January 18 from 12pm-2pm CST. We’ll be starting off our series with “Define Microfinance.” This is a great chance for us to talk broadly about microfinace. We invite you to bring some rich content links, your insights on how to do microfinance well, cultural and political elements,  organizations to connect with and local microfinance events in your area. We are working on securing panelists at this time, so if you’re interested or know someone who is, let us know by tweeting @mifimon!

We’re looking forward to this year and hope that together, we can discover even more dynamic ways to empower others with effective microfinance services around the world.

See you on Monday!

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