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Insight Trip: Tanzania – Suzie Hofert Pre-trip Post

By Suzie Hofert

This is a part of an ongoing series of posts from members of the Young Ambassadors for Opportunity.

In two days I leave for the YAO Insight Trip to Tanzania and Rwanda. To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I have a feeling that it will not really hit me that I am going on this wonderful adventure until I step off the plane in Tanzania. I can’t wait to meet the people that have received loans from Opportunity International and experience how their lives have changed. I am praying that through this trip God will open my eyes to His will and that He will help me see Him at work in these people’s lives, as well as in the two countries.

I know that through this trip I will become even more excited about the work of Opportunity and that it will be all the more real to me. No longer will the clients just be pictures that I see and stories that I read about. Everything will be so much more meaningful after I have been able to sit down and talk to the people that have had their lives changed because of the loans they have received through Opportunity. Please be praying that God will be glorified in this trip and that everyone going will have humbled servant hearts!

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