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Insight Trip: Tanzania/Rwanda Day 3 – Suzie Hofert

By Sonja Egeland Kelly

Ambitions soar, hope floats, and change hangs in the air each year at the Clinton Global Initiative. This year is no exception.

Today (Wednesday), at 2:45 p.m. EST, Madeline Albright will spotlight Opportunity International as a key player in the advancement of opportunities for children in the developing world. By introducing tuition savings accounts, school fee loans and school financing, Opportunity is investing in education for children living in poverty.

Opportunity International CEO Kadita “A.T.” Tshibaka will speak briefly following former Secretary of State Albright.

Recently, Tshibaka offered, “The Banking on Education program helps parents living in poverty achieve the dreams they have for their children. Schools do more than teach. They create jobs, spur economic activity and strengthen a community’s spirit. Opportunity is one of the first microfinance institutions to create tailored products that help parents afford a quality education for their children and help school proprietors improve their services and infrastructure.”

Opportunity is well on its way to providing educational opportunities to 250,000 impoverished children by the end 2012. Every $10,000 raised can finance an additional school, touching approximately 635 lives, including the families of students and their teachers.

With goals like these, we are ending global poverty. Faster.

Click HERE to see the broadcast live at 2:45 pm EST (that’s 1:45 for us in Chicago, and even earlier for those in the west).

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