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For Some, “Back to School” is Easier Said than Done

By Andrew Koehler

It’s that time of the year again. Children all across America are heading back to school, a sometimes chaotic, but relatively uncomplicated task for families. Unfortunately, “back to school” isn’t so simple for many children living in impoverished communities around the world where schools, money and transportation are sparse.

Jacqueline Syokwaa is the owner of a small primary school in her village slum near Nairobi, Kenya. Her wish is that all of the children living in her village, where there are limited resources, can have hope for a brighter future. With the village population growing and more children wanting an education, Jacqueline desperately needs a loan to expand her school.

In conjunction with this year’s “back to school” season, OptINnow, an initiative of the nonprofit microfinance organization Opportunity International, is launching a “Back to School” campaign to raise $10,000 for loans to Jacqueline’s school and other businesses being run by people who are working their way out of poverty in her community. In America, we often overlook the benefits of our own education, but in Kenya, these impoverished children are eager to create a more prosperous future for themselves, their families and their communities. Your donation on OptINnow.org will help provide support for Jacqueline Syokwaa’s school and the many children that will receive a quality education there.

Go to optinnow.org/backtoschool to make a donation and help more kids in Nairobi, Kenya have hope for a brighter future.

Learn more about Opportunity International at opportunity.org.

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