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Friend, from all of us at Opportunity International, THANK YOU for partnering with us to transform lives, create opportunities, and end extreme poverty. We are grateful for you, today and everyday.

Thank you for creating the opportunity for...

Mothers to provide for their children

With your support, Opportunity is investing in mothers around the world, helping them build sustainable livelihoods, earn their own incomes, and better care for their families.

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Kids to go to school

With your support, parents receive loans to cover school fees, ensuring that their children can go to—and stay in—school, learning the skills they need to build bright futures for themselves.

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Farmers to grow more food

With your support, farmers are moving from subsistence to commercial agriculture, growing more crops, increasing their incomes, better feeding their families, and tackling food insecurity.

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Families to build healthy homes

Clients use their increased incomes and special home improvement financing from Opportunity to build safe, dry, healthy homes where their families can grow and thrive.

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Communities to provide better health care

In India, Opportunity is working with partners to train and equip community health leaders to treat basic health needs and promote healthy behaviors.

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Young people to learn new skills

By investing in the next generation, Opportunity is helping young people build the skills they need to create jobs, support themselves, and transform their communities as they grow.

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Teachers to improve schools

Through school improvement loans, school proprietors are able to invest in infrastructural improvements including bigger classrooms, bathroom facilities, and running water, making their students safer and healthier.

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Women to gain confidence and respect

Empowered by their Trust Groups and new business success, female clients often note that they have newfound independence and confidence thanks to their work with Opportunity.

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Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and leadership skills

As their businesses begin growing, Opportunity clients carry their newfound leadership skills into their neighborhoods, driving community improvement and multiplying your impact.

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All of our friends to end extreme poverty

Thanks to you, our friends around the world are able to build sustainable livelihoods, transform their futures, and break free from the cycle of extreme poverty.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving, we are celebrating YOU, and everything you have made possible this year. We are so thankful for your partnership, and honored to work alongside you to change the world.

You can continue to create opportunities around the world by investing in hardworking mothers who are ready to get to work now. Every gift empowers an entrepreneurial woman to transform her life, family, and community.


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