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Celebrate Janelle's Birthday & Quality Education for All

Hello, dear family and friends!

For those of you who wish to celebrate my 50th with something tangible, would you consider contributing to work that I’ve poured myself into for many years?

For nearly a decade now, we have partnered with Opportunity International, one of the world’s largest and best-established microfinance organizations. Through its products, skills and network, Opportunity has created a successful way to bring quality education into the developing world – in a scalable and sustainable way.  I’ve visited some of these schools and spoken with children and educators in Ghana, Uganda, Malawi and the Dominican Republic. I’ve also witnessed Opportunity's more traditional microfinance work in these places, as well as in Rwanda and Mozambique.

Expanding access to quality education for children in the developing world is one of the most powerful investments we can make in curbing extreme poverty.

Opportunity’s clients repay 99% of their loans, which allows any gift you make to help more proprietors and more parents put more children in quality schools year after year, exponentially increasing your impact over time. 

Thanks so much for considering this investment – for celebrating my birthday in a way that allows us to change the story for millions of children and provide them with the opportunity to transform their futures.




Expanding Access to Quality, Low-cost Schools in Developing Communities

Every child deserves a quality education, which is why Opportunity International is committed to tackling the global education crisis―and delivering solutions to help this generation of students.

By leveraging the power of microfinance, Opportunity’s Education Finance (EduFinance) program develops and delivers sustainable financial services and quality improvement initiatives to empower proprietors to grow and improve local, low-cost private schools while helping parents afford educational costs for all their children, especially their daughters. The key to Opportunity’s sustainable approach is investing on a local level, providing parents and educators (those most committed to improving their communities’ educational standards) with financial and training resources to drive greater access to quality schools. Opportunity intentionally invests in proprietors who have an established, respected reputation in their communities to ensure positive social impact.

Since 2008, Opportunity EduFinance has helped more than 1.7 million students in 10 developing countries go to school and stay in school, and with our clients' 99% loan repayment rate, your impact will exponentially increase over time. With your support, children around the world can enter classrooms for the very first time, and realize their dreams of a life beyond poverty. Girls can tear down gender-based barriers and unlock their potential as future leaders and providers. Boys can spend their days building skills to help transform their families and communities. Together, we can change the story for millions of children and invest in a better future for all.

Our Solutions

Opportunity EduFinance is working to fix the broken promise of education for millions of children in developing regions. Though many countries have made significant strides in improving enrollment rates by offering free primary and early secondary education, government schools are still burdened by inflating class sizes, poor facilities, and inadequate and unpredictable funding that affects the school’s ability to make critical classroom repairs, purchase needed supplies, and even pay teachers and staff. Opportunity’s model offers a faster, sustainable and scalable way to give millions of children a quality education today so that tomorrow is better for all—a strategy that directly aligns with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal of Universal Quality Education.

Our multi-faceted approach starts with financing, which is a critical first step in providing proprietors and parents with the credit they need to expand access to education in marginalized communities. Financing also provides an entry point for long-term engagement with local, low-cost private schools, allowing Opportunity to build a relationship with proprietors and offer collaborative, sustainable quality improvement programming alongside our financial services. 

Half of all out-of-school children in sub-Saharan Africa will never step foot in a classroom if current trends continue. Opportunity EduFinance is working to change these children's lives by growing low-cost, quality schools in their communities and providing parents with the resources they need to afford educational costs for all their children.

By combining the power of financial services with the Self-improving School System model, Opportunity is tackling the global education crisis with solutions that are not only transformative, but commercially sustainable.



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