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Be a Woman Warrior

Women Warriors is a group of passionate women coming together to empower other women across the globe living in extreme poverty.

The Women Warriors create a community of empowered supporters working with Opportunity International to advance our shared mission of impacting 10,000 families by helping women create sustainable livelihoods and providing access to quality education for children by raising $5 million. 

Women Warriors on a trip to India
Women Warriors on a trip to India

The Women Warriors began as a group of 14 women who traveled together to India with Opportunity International. During this transformative trip, the women quickly saw the impact of Opportunity’s work with women living in extreme poverty and how it changes lives, families, and communities. Muffy MacMillan, Board Member and Opportunity’s Ambassador Women & Girls, helped rally the group around this common cause. Together, the group committed to use their collective passions, resources, and networks to further increase the impact of Opportunity International.

Our Impact

All funds raised are used to support the sustainable livelihoods of women and ensure quality education for their children in India, Ghana, Uganda, and Colombia.

 To sustain livelihoods, we equip entrepreneurs to grow their small businesses with the help of:

  • Capital from loans and the protection of savings accounts
  • Business and financial training
  • Support from Transformation Officers and from peers via Trust Groups

To ensure quality education, we equip educators and parents with the tools to send children to good schools, such as:

  • Loans for parents to afford tuition and for educators to improve their schools
  • Financial literacy training for parents and curriculums for educators so they can improve their schools
  • Support for educators from Opportunity Education Specialists and peers via School Clusters

Become a woman warrior

Together we can help transform the lives of women and children living in extreme poverty to provide a bright future! 

For more information on how to join our Women Warriors or start your own group, please contact Lori Olson, Woman Warrior and Director of Philanthropy, at [email protected]

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