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Banking Correspondent
Certification Training

Are you ready to become a licensed Banking Correspondent Agent?
We can help you prepare for your exams so you can pass with high marks even if you are working full-time!

Opportunity International's
Banking Correspondent Course

  • Fully remote instruction, for your convenience. You need access to the internet with a computer.
  • Comprehensively covers all exam topics, for thorough learning. The course offers builds in quizzes and exams to help you practice.
  • You have a choice between two different tracks:
    1. A Tutor-guided Online Course for a high-quality training.
    2. A Self-guided Online Course to go at your own pace.

This training has been proven effective

  • 98% of those who took this course in 2021 passed the certification exams!
  • The course covers 9 topical areas:
    • Introduction, Digital Training, Financial Literacy, Financial Transactions, Customer Relationship Management, Business Management, Enterprise Management, Gender Mainstreaming, and Community Outreach
  • Each topical area is covered by a 1.5 hour instruction (either by a tutor or a video).
  • After the instruction, you can access the video and the materials to review independently.
  • Quizzes and mock exams help you test yourself as often as you wish.

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Who are we?

Opportunity International is a global non-profit that has been equipping people to work their way out of poverty for 50 years. Last year, Opportunity provided 18.7 million families with innovative financial resources, training, and support to grow their small businesses and send their children to school. Opportunity International has been working in India for XX years. 

Produced in collaboration with:

  • The Business Correspondent Federation of India (BCFI) is an organization approved by the Reserve Bank of India to establish service standards to expedite financial service accessibility and standardization. 
  • Ekagon is a social enterprise facilitation and development company leading initiatives in India since 2015.
  • Avalark is a consulting firm providing digital technology-enabling solutions for financial inclusion. 

How much does it cost and what do I get?

What do I have to have?

  • A quiet and private space to access the internet every week.
    • For Tutor-Led Training, access during session times is crucial. This is less of an issue for Self-Directed Training.
  • A computer or laptop with fully functioning audio and visual capabilities. Access through tablet and phone is possible but is not recommended.

How does it work?

Register and pay at any of the "REGISTER" buttons on this page. You will immediately receive an email acknowledgment and receipt. If you choose the Tutor-Led Track, you will be contacted to fit into schedules that work for you and other guidelines and materials access. If you choose the Self-Directed Track, you will be sent materials that will give you initial guidelines and access to materials.


Contact us at [email protected].