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Program Update: Opportunity Mozambique is Cultivating Hope among Smallholder Farmers

By Diane Ferguson

Opportunity International is helping smallholder farmers achieve optimum output to put more food on the family table and increase food security in their communities.

Linda Godinho leads the farmers’ training session in Mozambique.We’re committed to helping farmers in sub-Saharan Africa transition from subsistence to economically- and commercially-active farming. Through an innovative and sustainable approach to agricultural finance, Opportunity provides products and services designed to achieve financial sustainability. These efforts ensure an ongoing contribution to poverty eradication and economic development in underserved rural communities.

Financial literacy training to a roomful of farmers.In June, Opportunity Mozambique launched its financial literacy training program geared to farmers. The chief transformation officer, Linda Godinho, led 175 farmers through the course presented in the local language, which covered budgeting, basic record-keeping and the importance of saving and business-planning. Farmers responded with unanimous appreciation and Linda received recognition by the Mozambican government officials who were there to observe the training. Now having conducted a successful pilot, Linda plans to roll out the training to farmers across Opportunity Mozambique’s rural bank branches this year.

Linda at the whiteboard.By supporting farmers with comprehensive financial tools and managing partnerships throughout the value chain, Opportunity is providing a successful example of how to improve farm productivity and alleviate rural poverty, enabling them to increase their yields at harvest time so they can send their children to school and put more food on the family table. These efforts are helping to increase food security and transform the continent’s hunger and poverty landscape.

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