As a single parent raising four children in a rural village, your life is marked with challenges. You do your best to support your family with your meager earnings from a small stand in the local market, but there never seems to be enough to cover your key expenses.

You dream about making plans for the future—you dream of giving your children a better life. But the path to this vision is hazy at best. How can you save? How can you prepare? How can you make things different for your family?

You know you want to save, but the local bank won’t open an account for you. In your eyes, you have two options:

  1. Keep money under your mattress at home.

  2. Pay a deposit-taker to keep your money safe. These local people serve as informal “savers”—much like an unofficial savings account—but their services come with a high fee.

What do you choose?

Keep money at home Pay deposit taker