Keep Your Daughters at Home

With your daughters at home, it is a bit easier to manage your family’s expenses—but you know that you are stifling their potential. And somehow, even with reduced school fees, there still doesn’t seem to be enough money to pay for everything your family needs. How will you put food on the table? And is there a way to get even one of your daughters in school? 

Two people approach you: one is a 50-year-old merchant in the village who would like to marry your 12-year-old daughter in exchange for a cow and several goats—which could be great resources for your family. The other is a man who asks to hide illegal drugs in your market stall in exchange for money. The choice feels impossible—but you don’t know what other options you have. 

  1. Let the man marry your daughter. 

  2. Hide the drugs.

What do you choose?

Let the man marry your daughter

Hide the drugs