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Governor Spotlight: Hee-Jung Moon

By Kelli Walker

Whether talking about classical music, church, family, or Opportunity International, Hee-Jung Moon speaks with infectious enthusiasm and genuine passion. Hee-Jung recently hosted a successful event in New York City that brought together young professionals interested in learning about Opportunity International. Using her gifts of connection and curiosity, she is helping expand the Opportunity family. 

Hee-Jung grew up as a competitive figure skater in Korea, earned an undergraduate degree from Harvard College, received her J.D. from Columbia Law School, and now lives in New York City. She and her husband have two sons, and she serves on the boards of several organizations, including The Asia Foundation and Hope for New York. She has a heart for service and stewardship, underscored by sharp legal acumen.

The Moons first learned about Opportunity International through a friend from church. Their kids were young at the time, and Hee-Jung decided to take them on an Opportunity Insight Trip to Nicaragua—an unforgettable trip that impacted each of them deeply. “I wanted to give the children an experience in service to others, with a Godly perspective,” Hee-Jung recalls. Her eldest son practiced his Spanish language skills, and both boys were stunned to learn that children their age walked one and a half hours to and from school. Many years later, her older son admits to not enjoying traveling—but says that the trip to Nicaragua was transformational. She shares that she has “immense respect” for the work of Opportunity International, and she feels connected to our clients who are building livelihoods and educating their children. 

In the city, Hee-Jung witnesses an array of nonprofits working to serve various groups of people who might be marginalized. She also has connections with young professionals—in her church and across the city—who are seeking connection and purpose. In one of her self-proclaimed “random thoughts,” she decided to host an event during which young single people could meet each other and also learn about the work of Opportunity International. In her decisive and energetic way, Hee-Jung got to work and made magic happen. Her focus resulted in an event that was successful in every way: the venue was beautiful; people connected with each other—so much that they stayed late!—and new advocates and donors learned about and supported Opportunity International.

All of the organizations Hee-Jung supports are thoughtful—embodied by the human-centered design that we use to serve our brothers and sisters and as we encourage them to fully live out their calling. “It’s a divisive time, isn’t it?” she commented. “I want to be able to explain in the most comprehensive way, why we believe what we believe.”

We are grateful to know Hee-Jung and the Moon family, and grateful that she shares Opportunity’s belief that all people deserve to live with dignity and purpose. 

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