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Waymaker Wednesday: Gentil

By Opportunity International

Gentil is an artist who escaped from Burundi. He used to run workshops for young artists and was accused by the government of training rebel soldiers so he had to flee. He now lives with his grandmother and nephews, who he supports in the Nakivale Refugee Settlement.

Gentil, just like any other refugees, faced challenges of access to finance and income opportunities in the settlement. However, through our partner bank, he received a small loan. He used his loan to set up a local portrait business.

He hopes to be able to motivate other refugees into setting up businesses so they can become self-sufficient and not depend upon handouts. Gentil’s story represents those of over 1.5 million refugees that call Uganda home.

This video is a selection from Opportunity International's Virtual Art Gallery: Portrait of a Waymaker. Explore the entire gallery here.

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