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Learn something new this month

By Allison Kooser

Did you know that you can recommend books for the Opportunity Book Club? We love getting suggestions from our community, so reply to this email and let us know what you’d like to read!

In December, one of you shared a recommendation that also appeared on Bill Gates’ holiday reading list, so we knew we needed to check it out. This month, join us as we read Range by David Epstein.

As Gates describes, “In this fascinating book, [Epstein] argues that although the world seems to demand more and more specialization—in your career, for example—what we actually need is more people ‘who start broad and embrace diverse experiences and perspectives while they progress.’”

And it’s not just Gates that loved it.

Forbes called it “one of the best business—and parenting—books of the year,” and thought leader Daniel Pink said it is “an essential read for bosses, parents, coaches, and anyone who cares about improving performance.”

As Opportunity International continues to innovate new ways to address some of the world’s biggest challenges, we have learned how important it is to think creatively, drawing inspiration from across disciplines and expertise. Let's dive into this book and explore how we can be even more effective with the solutions we develop.

We can’t wait to read with you!

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