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Reflections on Daily Bread

By Atul Tandon

Amid so much darkness, there are small glimmers of light. Because of you, families who could have already crumbled under the economic shock caused by COVID-19 have some safety – a chance to survive, rebuild, and thrive once again. More than 12 million families have savings accounts, 5.7 million have access to digital banking, and all have local Opportunity staff who care deeply about their wellbeing.

I think about clients like Linda Nyarko in Ghana, a woman who has inspired me and so many others. As 2019 closed, Linda operated two bakeries employing 63 neighbors, and she partnered with 80 young women who distributed and sold her bread in area markets. When I spoke to her just before Easter, Linda shared that she has let go all but 17 of her factory employees. Instead of supplying 80 vendors, she is only able to work with five due to economic shuttering. The rest of the women — women who very recently were building their own small businesses — are now coming to her asking if she can spare some bread to feed their families.

Linda is doing what she can to help her neighbors; she is handing out daily survival bread. As we spoke, I prayed with her for the safety of her extended network of families, and for a swift return to the day she is once again handing out jobs instead of loaves. It is my prayer for all of our clients around the world.

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