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Celebrating Mothers: Caroline's Story

By Opportunity International

In honor of Mothers Day on May 13, we are celebrating some of the amazing women we know around the world who are working tirelessly to support their families and create bright futures for their children. Honor the mothers in your life at opportunity.org/mothersday


When Caroline Musoke’s two children faced challenges that left them unable to care for their own kids, Caroline stepped up and took in her four grandchildren to raise as her own. 

As the primary provider for her family, Caroline knew that she had to find a way to earn enough to keep the kids in school, so she began selling fruits and vegetables in the local market. She knew that the only way her grandchildren would achieve their dreams was if they received a proper education, so she did everything she could to pay their school fees on time. 


But when a fire ravaged the market and completely destroyed her stall, Caroline was left with nothing.

Now, as an Opportunity client, Caroline is leaning on her fellow Trust Group members during a terrifying and exhausting time. She is rebuilding her business, little by little, and continuing to pay school fees for her grandchildren. She knows that Opportunity will be alongside her every step of the way. Caroline hopes that the children not only learn from their teachers in school, but also learn about resilience from watching their grandmother. She is an inspiration to them and us, and her grandchildren will grow up knowing that even the biggest setbacks can be overcome with perseverance. 


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