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Schools Can Change the World

By Allison Kooser

This fall, we are exploring eduction around the world. Through a careful study of the Ahobrase Academy in Ghana, we are studying how investing in education transforms the lives of students, families and entire communities. Join us. 

When you were a student, you were busy. You were in class all day, at tennis practice or musical rehearsal or the yearbook all afternoon and working your way through piles of homework at night. Your days were full. 

In addition, you were learning so much more than math and reading and history. You were learning to interact with those around you. You were learning to ask questions and challenge social norms. You were learning to explore, dream, discover and become the person you wanted to be. 

So when we remember that millions of students - many of whom are girls - do not attend school, we're reminded that they are not only missing out on critical academic knowledge, but they are also faced with days of time to fill and losing that safe place to grow. 

As Ahobrase Academy in Ghana, the school we have been exploring for the past several weeks, began to grow and teach older students, teachers and parents both noted a drop in teen pregnancies and social vices. Given this social impact, keeping kids in school is important for both the students' futures and the community. For schools like Ahobrase that are committed to making education accessible for all, that means making important investments - like introducing gender separated bathrooms so that girls can continue to go to school, even after reaching puberty. 

These simple school improvements mean that kids are staying in school at Ahobrase - and when kids stay in school, the entire community benefits from a brighter future. Your support is impacting individual kids, but it is also sparking major strides in global development. 

Thank you for investing in education. Because of your generosity, schools like the Ahobrase Academy are changing the world. 

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