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Three Questions with a Loan Officer

By Opportunity International

We are always inspired by the many loan officers who impact our clients’ lives, whether for a single encounter or for years. Looking back at some of the amazing stories of these great people, this is one of our favorites…

Sarah started her career as a school teacher, but decided to join Opportunity to better serve others in her community. Today, she serves as a loan officer in Uganda, equipping and training entrepreneurs who are working their way out of poverty.

We asked Sarah to answer three questions for us – and her answers demonstrate just how influential loan officers can be.

Why did you decide to join Opportunity?

God has been so very gracious to me. It is all well with me. I go through it. Of course it has been a challenge, but it is by the grace of God that any of us are up in the morning. I am well, which gives me the chance to serve others.

How do you know you are succeeding in your job?

Although I am no longer a teacher, my clients fondly call me Musomesa, that is the Ugandan term for teacher. When I hear this I know I am doing my job, providing guidance and training.

What is your favorite client success story?

There is a client, Beatirce Nantongo, who started with a small loan in a Trust Group. I was with her when she graduated to a larger individual loan. She owns a school that is growing by leaps which is having a fantastic impact on the community. When I visit her she can’t contain her excitement. Every single time she sees me approach, she always shouts, “If it wasn’t for Opportunity I would not have any of this; the children would not have any of this!” It’s the same thing every time I see her. It makes me overflow with joy.

This client, Beatrice, is an elderly lady who always starts our time together by telling me how she has been since I’ve seen her last. She says, “Musomesa, today I can shop in Ngoma to purchase items for my rental homes that I have because of Opportunity.” Can you believe that in addition to the school and the rental homes at the back of her property, she also sells fruit and takes care of her four grandchildren? I cannot say how much I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this organization. I am friend and Musomesa to my clients, but it is them who are actually a blessing to me. 

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