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Facts about Extreme Poverty

By Opportunity International

Although the world has seen a reduction in poverty over the last few decades, approximately 1.2 billion people still face extreme poverty on a daily basis. At Opportunity International, we address the root causes of chronic poverty by focusing on initiatives that have the biggest influence on a community’s ability to thrive long-term.

We believe that microfinance is a sustainable means of poverty alleviation leading to lasting change. Change that will put an end to these poverty statistics reported by the World Bank.

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In low income counties, the average income of a person living in extreme poverty has increased by only 5 percent since 1981 - growing from $.74 to $.78.

The gender gap in education is concentrated among those living in extreme poverty. On average, women aged 15 to 30 have a year less schooling than impoverish men of the same age group.

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