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The Father of a Community

By Stephanie Jimenez

By Stephanie Jimenez on June 14, 2013

This Father’s Day, we are celebrating Dads. Join us as we share the stories of some of our inspiring male clients, and support more fathers at opportunity.org.

Ssalongo, a businessman residing in Kampala, Uganda.Meet Ssalongo, a businessman residing in Kampala, Uganda. Before becoming an Opportunity client, he earned $2 a day from a small chicken business he inherited from his grandfather. Although Ssalongo was moderately successful, he felt unsatisfied and was determined to make a change.

Ssalongo borrowed a loan of $300 from Opportunity Uganda and used this money to open rooms that he then rented to people in his community. Today, Ssalongo has 60 rooms that bring in revenue of over $2,000, making him one of Opportunity Uganda’s largest deposit clients.

Although Ssalango has been successful, his wealth does not define him. He is using his newfound financial independence to help others in his community. He works hard to not only provide his tenants with affordable housing, but also teach them about saving. He puts them on the path for brighter futures by having all of them open savings accounts and serves as a remarkable example of compassion and humility. He openly shares his skills and financial knowledge so they can reach their full potential, and he encourages his neighbors to join trust groups and go after their own dreams. As a result, his neighborhood is now a community where people are proud to reside.

Ssalongo isn’t ready to stop there. He is working to provide affordable education to his community by building a private school for his tenants. He realizes the importance of education and wants to provide the best for his residents’ children. Opportunity International exists to equip exceptional clients such as Ssalongo with the tools and training they need to fulfill their dreams. With the help of Opportunity, people like Ssalongo can move out of the cycle of poverty and into a sustainable cycle of success.

If you or somebody you know wants to provide a client with the opportunity to impact the lives others, consider giving an Opportunity gift card for Father’s Day. Our gift cards, starting at only $10, give you the power to help clients like Ssalongo become entrepreneurs, send children to school, and ensure brighter futures for themselves and their families.

This Father’s Day, make sure to thank any exceptional male role models in your life who have made a difference. We truly are thankful for all the hard work and love you depict on a daily basis.

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