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A Photo Tour of Colombia & Nicaragua Insight Trip

By David Santoso

In January we had the chance to visit Colombia and Nicaragua on one of our first Insight Trips of 2012. We could write pages and pages about the trip and all that happened, but sometimes, pictures just say things better than words. So here are a few pictures from the trip! We have more trips coming up this year. Check out our Insight Trips page (opportunity.org/insight) for more information.

A woman in Granada, Nicaragua works with hibiscus seeds, surrounded by the local kids. Client Eduardo Chavarria and his grandson, who loves to help out in the yucca fields after school, in Granada, Nicaragua. It’s a family affair as this 19-year-old Colombian painter and client is part of El Oasis Trust Group with his mother Dominga.

Members of the Cruz de Mayo Trust Group in Clemencia, Colombia. Members of the Cruz de Mayo Trust Group in Clemencia, Colombia. The old city of Cartagena, Colombia.

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