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How Will You Celebrate Women on March 8th?

By Ally Lynch

In just one week, on Thursday, March 8th, the world will celebrate International Women’s Day 2012. On this day, organizations and individuals will gather to celebrate the economic, political, and social achievements of women past, present, and future. Here at Opportunity, where 85% of our clients are women, we’re passionate about equipping the next generation of women with education and access to financial services. Because we’ve seen firsthand that having access to these tools can change the lives of women and their families forever. On March 8th, Opportunity’s clients, staff and supporters, joined by others from all over the world, will be celebrating each woman’s right to dignity, equality, and justice.

Students at Bright Community School in Kyebando, Uganda.As part of our commitment, we offer tools to empower women and girls tochange their future. Our school fee loan products enable families to send all their children to school, including the girls. Our interest-bearing savings accounts provide a safe place for women to save, helping them prepare for an unexpected expense or emergency. These tools empower girls and women with financial independence and a brighter future.

We are inspired by equipping the next generation of girls to succeed and by providing women the tools to control their finances and transform their lives.

This is what inspires us. What inspires you? How will you choose to celebrate International Women’s Day?

  • Educate yourself with your favorite social-issue blog or a book like Half the Sky
  • Spread the word about International Women’s Day with your friends on Facebook and other social media
  • Find a local IWD event in your area, listings are available at internationalwomensday.com

Think about it. Express it on March 8th.

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