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Solar Panel Loans Offer a Beacon of Light for Ugandan Families

By Diane Ferguson

Opportunity Uganda clients like Betty Aute have access to electricity because of the new solar panel loan product.In November, Opportunity Uganda launched a solar energy microfinance loan to provide power to families currently living with no or unreliable electricity.

Opportunity Uganda is now offering clients like Betty Aute, a papyrus weaver and mother of two, a solar panel loan of about $300, which covers panels and installation and is repayable over two years, to bring light to their family homes. The implications are life-changing and endless–when it becomes dark at night, so many productive activities must come to an end. Children can’t do important activities like homework. For these families, evening turns into a discouraging time because there is so much yet to accomplish. The energy the panels have absorbed from the sun throughout the day can be used so that families working their way out of poverty can make the most of their day.

However, light coming into the villages is not only productive but it adds to the sense of hope and encouragement. This helps families in Uganda to feel whole and to have their needs met.

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