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Top 5 Posts About Tanzania

By Emily Riemer

Journey to Tanzania by revisiting some of Opportunity‘s best blog posts from this spring…

1. Arusha Bank Branch Opening in Tanzania, by YAO multimedia reporter AJ Renold (5/19/10)

2. Happy Father’s Day from Opportunity (6/20/10)

3. The Important Role of Women in Tanzania, on International Women’s Day (3/8/10)

4. Why We’re Excited About the Tanzania Launch on OptINnow (5/18/10)

5. Meeting My First Opportunity Tanzania Microfinance Clients, by AJ Renold (5/17/10)

Not content to just read about it? See microfinance at work firsthand. Travel with the Young Ambassadors for Opportunity (YAO) on an Insight Trip to Tanzania, September 4-11, 2010. To learn more, click here. Register here.

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