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The World Food Prize Honors Grassroots Efforts in Hunger and Poverty Alleviation

By Emily Riemer

Congratulations to the 2010 World Food Prize Laureates for their outstanding contribution to the elimination of world hunger.

The World Food Prize honored David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World, and Jo Luck, CEO of Heifer International, for their critical efforts in mobilizing and empowering everyday citizens to end hunger in communities around the world.

Beckmann is recognized for his significant impact in shaping international development programs to reflect the needs of people living in poverty, and in mobilizing a grassroots effort for more focused policies and increased appropriations for hunger alleviation by the U.S. government and its partners. From worldfoodprize.org: “The impacts of the government policies and programs [Beckmann] has fought for have brought hundreds of millions of people out of hunger and poverty.”

2010 World Food Prize Laureates David Beckmann and Jo Luck (pictured with Heifer International client).

2010 World Food Prize Laureates David Beckmann and Jo Luck (pictured with Heifer International client).

Jo Luck is honored for spearheading the effort to expand Heifer International into one of the premier hunger-fighting nonprofit organizations in the world. Heifer brings food- and income-producing animals to families in extreme poverty, and guides families to self-reliance and improved livelihoods through animal husbandry, technical training, and community development. In implementing Heifer’s programs internationally, Luck worked to more fully engage food-secure people to participate in programs to help food-insecure women, men, and children in countries around the world.

The World Food Prize was established in 1986 to honor the achievements of individuals who are “advancing human development by improving the quality, quantity or availability of food in the world.” The prize was the inspiration of Dr. Norman Borlaug, winner of the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in world agriculture.

We at Opportunity International salute David Beckmann and Jo Luck for their accomplishments in the fight to end world hunger and stop the cycle of global poverty. The recognition of their efforts highlights the ways in which sustainable solutions to global poverty and hunger can make a lasting difference in the world.

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