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Two Dollar Challenge

By Andrew Koehler

This year, Opportunity Internationalis proud to announce our partnership with the Two Dollar a Day Challenge (TDC). TDC is an initiative that began with Shawn Humphrey, assistant professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Mary Washington. Shawn charged his students with the very same challenge that people all over the world are faced with every day; to live on $2 or less a day. He has asked students at University of Mary Washington to reach out to their friends and other schools around the country to see if they, too, would like to take on the challenge for one week throughout the month of April.

The Two Dollar a Day Challenge has selected Opportunity International as their microfinancecharity partner, encouraging all student groups involved with TDC to fundraise for their challenge week on behalf of Opportunity International. TDC requests that all proceeds go to funding hardworking entrepreneurs on  Check out the TDC blog at

Looking forward to seeing how the experience of living on $2 a day motivates students across the country to action!

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