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Opportunity LiveBlog: “This Determination Led Me to Opportunity”

By Sonja Egeland Kelly

I would like to introduce you to Henrietta Isaac. She is a professional “champion of dreams.” When she was young, still in school, she dreamt of becoming a CEO. That led her to complete an MBA in the UK against all odds—convincing her parents that it was a better idea to invest in education than to get her married off, like most other Indian girls her age.

During her MBA studies, she was inspired by the idea of corporate social responsibility, and attracted to organizations with a purpose. She was determined to make a difference in the world.

She recounts, “This determination led me to Opportunity—a perfect blend of business and mission. Professionalism with a heart.”

Henrietta now works at Growing Opportunity Finance Pvt. Ltd. (Go Finance India) as the Marketing and Business Development Manager. Her primary responsibilities include conceptualizing and implementing new products and services, building brand image, and solidifying partnerships with like-minded organizations.

She tells the story of one of her clients:

“Fifteen years ago, Usha’s husband left her with three young children. Having been educated only up to 10th grade, Usha did not have many promising employment options. And with no job, Usha knew that the future looked very grim for her children.

“She took on the challenge of educating her two girls and a boy through the only option she had—starting a tiny business. With a small loan, she diversified her sari business into a flower kiosk and fruit stand near a temple. Now she has opened something she once could never have dreamed possible—her own clothing shop. She is a woman with big dreams, and by sheer perseverance, she got her children to school, even sending her youngest daughter to college.”

Henrietta insists that there is a dreamer inside of us. And she should know, as she is a champion of dreams.

What are your dreams? How are you improving your own life, your family’s life and your community?

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