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Opportunity LiveBlog: Celebrating YAO

By Sonja Egeland Kelly

The Young Ambassadors for Opportunity is a group of enthusiastic young leaders who are joining forces to help eradicate poverty around the world. YAO firmly believes ending poverty can be done in their lifetime.

YAO members seek to inspire, educate and involve the next generation committed to transforming the lives of the poor through microfinance. The group was founded in March 2008 by Opportunity supporter Liesel Pritzker, who wanted to connect in a meaningful way beyond financial support. Liesel desired a way for younger generations to engage with Opportunity and utilize their energy and passion to make microfinance work.

This weekend, YAO members brought a significant energy and conviction to the conference. Sharing successes with fundraising events, encouraging one another in the fight against global poverty and just plain having fun, YAO members indeed educated, inspired, and involved one another.

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