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Yes, We Care, Kenya

By Cynthia Greenwood

Capturing the stories of our field staff and clients during our time in Uganda and Kenya inspired us, and we hope it inspires you.

While we were having dinner on our final night in Kenya, Ruth-Anne Renaud gave me the idea of starting up a fundraising group at OptINnow.org. It was easy to do, and now my friends and family are raising money to fund loans for two women clients at Opportunity Kenya. As of today, we’ve got 19 members in the “We Care, Kenya” group, but my goal is to have 30 by the end of the month. I’ve been notifying people through my facebook page and email.

From my recent experience visiting clients in Kenya, I know that women use these loans to build businesses that enable them to send their children to school, put more nutritious meals on the table and provide better housing for their family. Increased income also allows them to save for life’s unexpected crises.

I’m excited to report that “We Care, Kenya” has fully funded loans for three women, including a $350 loan for Leah Omulanda. After struggling to get formal employment, Leah began selling books, stationery and school uniforms in Toi Market in 2004. The business performed very well and out of her love for teaching, Leah managed to save enough money to start a small nursery school which now serves 60 children in the Kibera slums. Leah will use her first Opportunity International loan to increase the number of desks, upgrade the building, and advertise and market the school. All of this will help increase her income so she can improve the quality of her family’s life – and improve the quality of her students’ education.  

Our group still needs $75 to fund Eunice James’ first loan for $350, which will be used to expand her business premises and increase her inventory of cereals and charcoal. She believes that the loan will enable her to grow her monthly net profit of ksh12000 (approximately  $156) by more than 50% before mid-year. We’ll also be adding another client story later today.

I invite you to make a difference in the lives of these women and their families by joining my group at http://www.optinnow.org/group/we_care_kenya. Or, consider forming your own group and choosing a client or two to support. It’s easy and fun to do, and your friends and family will be grateful for the opportunity to join you in this important work to help end global poverty faster. I know mine are.  

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