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Creating New Traditions

By Marisa Brown

We are always encouraged when we hear stories about Opportunity International’s initiatives that are becoming part of families’ traditions, such as OptINnow holiday gift cards and the One Hen book and website. In addition to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to start businesses so that they can work their way out of poverty, OptINnow gift cards also influence families’ gift exchange traditions during the holiday season. Ruth-Anne Renaud is particularly thrilled for her family’s gift exchange this Christmas because she will be giving OptINnow gift cards to her teenage and adult nieces. She knows that these gift cards will help create a real “sharing experience” this holiday. Her nieces are blessed to have loving families, great educations and steady bases of support as they all start their professional lives and she knows that they will feel good “sharing that experience” with women around the world. These gift cards will be the start to a new and more meaningful gift giving tradition.

The One Hen book and website have become influential and educational tools in Betsy Perdue’s family because they teach her family, particularly her 9 year old daughter about life in other countries, the value of money and hard work, and giving back. The interactive games and stories on the website keep her daughter, Joanna, engaged and reading the book gives the family the opportunity to talk about helping others. The family decided to make their own tradition by starting a “hen house”, after learning that even a small amount can make a difference. The hen house sits on the kitchen table waiting to be filled with loose change. Once they have collected their goal, they look online to select a real business loan to help fund. Betsy enjoys this tradition because it is not just for the holidays. Do you have any stories, comments about OptINnow gift cards, the One Hen program, or any other Opportunity International initiatives that has become a tradition for your family? If so, please share with us!

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