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Twestival: Social Media Enables Social Change

By Kaitlyn Davidson

What’s this Twitter stuff all about? If you have a Twitter account (millions of you do), and you want to engage in social change, then Twitter may have just the event for you. Twestival Local, or Twitter-Festival, is an event that unites Twitter users offline to have a major impact on a social cause in their local area. Hundreds of gatherings take place in different cities around the world over a weekend span to raise awareness and funds for that city’s charity of choice. Twestival is completely volunteer-driven, and the bulk of the event sponsorship relies on Twitter communication.

What does Twestival have to do with Opportunity? The Chicago Twestival, was held on Sept. 10 at Catalyst Ranch in the heart of Chicago, and featured OptINnow as its charity of choice. OptINnow is a new initiative from Opportunity International that enables you to “opt in” and become part of a global movement to transform the lives of entrepreneurs throughout the developing world. Opportunity International was honored to be the featured charity and received 100% of the event proceeds.

How did Opportunity tie this event to serving our clients? OptINnow chose to spotlight the Jacqueline Syokwaa Trust Group, with all fundraising efforts going towards a $10,000 goal for small business loans. Named after a school proprietor in the slums of Kiambiu Town, just outside Nairobi, Jacqueline needs a loan from OptINnow to serve the increasing number of children who want to come to her primary school. She believes that education is the best way for her neighborhood kids to have a better future and is determined to give children in Nairobi a brighter future.

Andrew Koehler, OptINnow partner relationship manager, was pleased with the outcome of the event and believes future Twestivals around the globe will have tremendous potential.

“Twestival was a great way for OptINnow to network and raise awareness for the Jacqueline Syokwaa Trust Group,” he said. “We made some key contacts and no one left the event unaware of OptINnow and how to get connected with our work and to our clients.”

“People using Twitter are intrigued with meeting other users who share their same interests,” said Ruth-Anne Renaud, Opportunity’s vice president of interactive marketing. “Twestival provides that offline venue and incorporates local charities in the mix. It makes for a very purposeful networking event – learn, connect and doing good.”

Nearly one-hundred avid Twitterers were present at the Chicago event where they engaged with other social media users and learned about Opportunity’s mission. All money raised was a great contribution towards fulfilling the Trust Group and serving OptINnow clients.

While Twestival is young, future events should make great strides as Twitter continues to evolve in the online world.

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Interested in fulfilling the Jacqueline Syokwaa Trust Group loan? You can right now.http://www.optinnow.org/show/523

Learn more about Twestival http://twestival.com

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