8 TED Talks About Giving

On #GivingTuesday, learn more about why giving back matters. TED speakers have long expressed their creativity and enthusiasm regarding philanthropy and world-changing. Take a minute to learn from their ideas - and then decide how you are going to give back this #GivingTuesday!

1. Why Giving Away Our Wealth Has Been The Most Satisfying Thing We've Done by Bill and Melinda Gates

How did Bill and Melinda Gates decide to create the Gates Foundation and give away over 90% of their wealth? And what elements of their work most excite and inspire them? In this honest interview, Bill and Melinda share their experience giving away their wealth - and the satisfaction they have found in the process. 


2. The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong by Dan Pallotta

What if everything we knew about traditional charity was wrong? In this incredibly popular TED talk, Dan Pallotta challenges the notion that charity should operate as cheaply as possible. What if, by investing more in non-profits tools and leadership, we could actually create more significant change? 


3. You Are The Future of Philanthropy by Katherine Fulton

In her inspiring talk, Katherine Fulton decides to focus not on the mega-philanthropists, but instead the everyday givers like you and me. What if these small donations amount to the future of philanthropy? 


4. The Why and How of Altruism by Peter Singer

When we see a video of a child hurt in a traffic accident, we assume that we would stop to help her - we wouldn't stand idly by. But when we are faced with the reality that thousands of children die each day from hunger and disease, we realize our inaction and hypocrasy. So how should we act? And how should we give?


5. Want to Help Africa? Do Business Here by Ngozi Okonjo

We've all heard criticisms and praise for traditional aid. In her inspiring talk, Ngozi Okonjo challenges us to create significant impact in Africa not by aid, but by trade. How can we engage Africa in the global economy, and how will this involvement combat the many challenges that the continent currently faces? 


6. The Antidote to Apathy by Dave Meslin

Why don't we do anything about the problems that are right in front of us? Why do we fail to take action for causes, even if we believe in them? In this great talk, Dave Meslin shares with us an antidote to our apathy. 


7. How to Buy Happiness by Michael Norton

Can money buy happiness? Michael Norton thinks the answer is YES. And if we haven't experienced that, it simply means that we are spending money incorrectly. So how can we spend to maximize happiness? 


8. The Extraordinary Power of Ordinary People by Sherwin Nuland

Surgeon Sherwin Nuland has seen regular people do incredible things. And he thinks that the potential for real change and future impact relies upon regular people like us.