9 Cool Things Your Kids Might Ask You For This Year

As your kids get back into the swing of things at school this fall, chances are they will come across some of these trendy toys, styles and technology. Stay up to date on everything the kids might ask for - but be sure to remind them that the most valuable things they can get this fall are an education and great new friends. 

1. The Frozen DVD

Frozen DVD
Image from flicks.co.nz

This new hit movie has preschoolers, parents and Youtubers singing its catchy tunes day in and day out. This movie is the perfect mix of sweet and thrilling - and makes a great gift for kids of all ages. 

2. An iPad Mini 

ipad mini
Image from sidelineapple.com

Today's young generation is a group of incredibly technically savvy kids. When you want to allow them to have the newest technology without overdoing it, the iPad Mini just might be the perfect solution. With the same games and applications as the normal iPad, the iPad Mini is a smaller, more accessible version made just for little hands. 

3. FIFA PlayStation Game

fifa game
Image from uk.playstation.com

Whether they actually play soccer or not, the FIFA PlayStation games are great for everyone. This is a great gift for any sports lover, and is a fun activity that kids can do wtih a group of friends. 

4. Vera Bradley Accessories

vera bradley
Image from writeimpressionsmobile.com

This adorable trend has yet to go out of style. Personalize your bags and wallets to a pattern that matches your child's personality, or change your pattern to go with different seasons or events.  

5. Neon Nike Shoes

nike shoes
Image from pinterest.com

This classic trend has recently taken a new turn wtih bright neon colors. Girls and boys alike love having a pop of color on their feet and brightening up their wardrobe. 

6. An Instagram Account

instagram image
Image from neverfailtech.com

This is one of the most popular social media applicatoins today. Kids have the ability to share their favorite pictures and leave comments if they wish, but it's kept intentionally simple unlike many other social media sites. 

7. Themed Legos 

Image from 3dprint.com

Kids of all ages love getting a new Lego set - especially when it's themed to their favorite movie, video game or storybook! Kids enjoy making their favorite characters come to life once they are assembled, but half the fun is just putting it all together. 

8. Beats Headphones

beats headphones
Image from iwishbyjp.com

Beccause kids love their music so much, listening to it both in style and high quality is a must. These trendy headphones bring listening to music to a whole new level. 

9. Camelbak Water Bottle

Image from theelectroside.com

Although it's just a way to carry water, these creative and innovative water bottles make staying hydrated fun. Coming in a range of colors and sizes, Camelbaks have easy to use spouts and are very popular today. 


Check out the coolest trend of all

We love these great products, but we get even more excited about the greatest trend of all - making a difference in our communities and our world! For millions of kids, the thing they want most of all is an education. And together, we have the power to make this dream a reality. Join us as we empower children to become students. Give your kids the world this year - and give kids around the world an education. 

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