12 Things You Remember If You Went To School in the 90s

The 1990s brought us stackable lunch meat, creative school supplies and colorful EVERYTHING. Take a walk down memory lane as we revisit some of our favorite school trends from the 90s - and then learn how you can help school kids today make their own memories! 

1. Everything Lisa Frank

lisa frank kittenImage from CraveOnline.com 

How could anyone forget these psychedelic colors and cute but slightly creepy baby animals? From folders to lunchboxes to stickers, Lisa Frank was the brand to have.

2. Giant gym parachutes

Parachute gym classImage from Reddit

By far the most exciting feeling of elementary school was walking into P.E. and seeing a giant rainbow parachute on the floor. It was a promise that gym class today would involve games, giggles, and too many children crammed under a piece of cloth.  

3. Lunchables

lunchablesImage from oneresult.com

These ready-made lunches automatically made you the coolest kid at the lunch table. Whether you got the mini nachos, chicken nuggets, or the undeniably superior make-your-own-pizza, you could be assured that your meal would be the envy of all of your friends.

4. Book orders

book order forms from the 90sImage from a-warm-cup-of-jo.blogspot.com

For kids who enjoyed reading for fun, the day that book order catalogs were sent home was the best day of the month. Printed on tissue-thin paper and crowded with dizzying amounts of books and toys, these catalogs were a young book lover's dream come true.

5. Magic Tree House

magic tree house booksImage from magictreehousebooks.net

Another higlight for 90s bookworms was the Magic Tree House series. With their alliterative titles and adventures through time and space, these books (all 52 of them) were both educational and fun.

6. Magic School Bus and Bill Nye

magic school bus books and tv show Image from badtadmd.com

Speaking of educational and fun, no one who went to school in the 90s can forget the Magic School Bus or Bill Nye. When your teacher turned on the television and popped in a VHS of Ms. Frizzle or The Science Guy, you knew you were in for half an hour of awesomeness.

7. Scratch and sniff stickers

scratch and sniff stickersImage from alliandgenine.com

Nothing says self-validation like a sticker that smells like strawberries. When your teacher stuck one of those suckers onto your homework assignment, you knew you had made it big.

8. Gel Pens 

gel pens gelly rollImage from polyvore.com

You couldn't have just one gel pen - you had to have a set of 300, each in a slightly different color.

9. Trapper Keepers

trapper keeperImage from shoplet.com

Back when you didn't have any real important papers to keep track of, Trapper Keepers were the perfect way to keep all your homework together - and also perfect for doodling on with your multicolored gel pens.

10. Spacemaker pencil boxes

spacemaker pencil caseImage from amazon.com

In retrospect, these were extremely bulky and not the most convenient way to store school supplies. But at the time, they were the perfect size for holding all your pencils, erasers, markers, colored pencils, crayons and glue sticks - and for making Elmer's glue bookmarks on the lids.

11. Superman S's

superman s drawing Image from allhonesty.com

Learning how to draw one of these bad boys by starting with only 6 straight lines was the ultimate mark of coolness. These Superman S's could be found everywhere, from under desks to inside bathroom stalls to the back of your homework.

12. Slap bracelets

slap braceletsImage from nineteenninetyschild.tumblr.com

Together with hair scrunchies, these accessories were the best way to make a fashion statement in the 90s. They may have been mildly painful to put on, but pain is beauty, isn't it?  

Help kids today create their own memories

Each generation of students will remember their school years in a distinct way. For us, that might mean Gelly Roll pens and Lisa Frank, but for others around the world, the memories aren't always as positive. For millions of kids, even attending school is a luxury. Help Opportunity International invest in schools and students so that all kids can create great school memories. 

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