1. Microfinance is empowering

Unlike traditional charity, microfinance is an investment in individuals and communities who are working hard to break free from the cycle of poverty. Microfinance relies upon the entrepreneurial spirit of clients who are starting businesses, employing their neighbors and educating their children. Opportunity International believes that our clients, when equipped with the right resources, can work their way out of poverty. We simply provide them with the capital and skills they need to get started. 

2. Microfinance is sustainable

When a client pays back a loan, that money is lent to someone else, extending the life and impact of each dollar. Opportunity International's loan repayment rate is 98% - so money is constantly recycled, multiplying the value of every dollar donated. 

3. Microfinance is successful

Over our 40+ year history, we have seen clients' lives transformed because they were given access to financial tools and training. Children have been able to go to school. Farmers have received higher quality inputs, leading to increased yields. Mothers have been able to feed their families. Business owners have employed their neighbors. Individuals have transformed their communities. A small investment, a savings account or an insurance plan can be the spark for permanent transformaiotn in the lives of those working their way out of poverty. 


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