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Key Focus Areas Leadership Development

The Crisis

There is a shortage of leaders in the developing world. Even the most talented individuals with the greatest potential often lack access to the tools and training they need to become leaders who can help others work their way out of poverty. Opportunity International believes real, sustainable change around the world will come from identifying and cultivating more leaders within our organization and the communities where we work.  

Challenges and Solutions

The Challenge: Small Talent Pool - few locals have hte educational background and skills required to serve in leadership roles

Opportunity's Solution: Opportunity Learning Center - providing an electronic learning platform where staff can enroll in free courses to enhance skills and energize their careers

The Challenge: Fierce Local Competition - professional organizations in developing countries compete to attract and retain the most skilled locals as staff

Opportunity's Solution: Paths to Success - offering role-specific training plans that highlight the expectations of positions and outline a clear path for how staff can consistently exceed expectations and become more effective and successful

The Challenge: Few Resources to Enhance Skills - professionals lack access to training to develop and cultivate their skills and knowledge

Opportunity's Solution: Milestone Events - delivering customized training events for new hires, experienced leaders and executives

The Impact

Opportunity International is maximizing the leadership potential of each of our more than 23,000 global team members through unique and robust professional development and training programs. We also invest in the communities where we operate by recruiting, training and retaining top talent that enables us to engage leaders, expand our services and help even more people break the cycle of poverty. 

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