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Answer the Call: Engaging Faith Communities Opportunity’s Transformation Vision

We view client transformation through 16 phrases we seek to facilitate in the lives of our clients. Transformation training equips all staff to recognize transformation and become the change agents for our clients.

Our staff must have a clear understanding of transformation. It is critical to our success. Our transformation training program aligns our staff with our organization’s mission, vision and values, no matter language, country or continent.

These are "We value transformation that":


  • enhances income, raises economic status, and promotes abundance
  • improves personal financial security and makes people more financially resilient
  • stimulates small business growth and job creation
  • strengthens managerial, financial, administrative, and business risk management skills and capacity


  • enhances dignity and self-worth
  • fosters hope and counters fatalism
  • improves living conditions, resulting in better health, water supply, sanitation, and housing
  • promotes learning leading to enhanced personal and career prospects


  • creates a better future for the next generation
  • results in better care for children and improved family member relations
  • stimulates greater civic responsibility, service, and engagement with others
  • strengthens leadership at home, at work, and in the community


  • restores relationships with God, family, and others
  • encourages special care for neighbors who are weaker, poorer, or different
  • demonstrates love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control
  • stimulates spiritual growth resulting in greater commitment, discipline, and desire to know God

We have a series of videos, stories and flash cards that show examples to our staff of the kind of transformation we hope to partner with our clients to affect. Here are samples.

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