Help provide food for women as they work their way out of poverty

Your gift today will help meet the urgent needs of women in Malawi as they start their own business to build a better future for their families.

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Here’s what your donation can do!


You help provide reliable meals for children so their mothers can focus on getting their businesses off the ground, laying the foundation for success, and unlocking a brighter future for the entire family.
$25 will feed one family for a month

Small business start up costs

You help support a female entrepreneur by providing the start up costs for her small livestock business, including the animals, education, and business training.
$50 will provide one goat to help start a small business


You help a woman learn basic financial and business skills to run a successful business and earn the income she needs to meet her family’s needs.
$100 will provide training materials and support for one entrepreneur

Long-term support

You help provide a woman with the mentoring and additional services she needs to succeed at her businesses, feel more empowered, learn new skills, and provide her family.
$2,000 will put one woman through the entire program, including a food stipend, business training, and support she needs to run two businesses and finally break free from poverty.